About Us

Cotton State Gay Rodeo Association is a 501(c) (3) Alabama non-profit organization that provides various support to the Gay and Lesbian community in Alabama and Mississippi.  Exciting times for Alabama and Mississippi are ahead as we build this new rodeo association. CSGRA was seated at 2012 IGRA Convention and planning a rodeo for 2018.

 Below is our statement of beliefs and what CSGRA wants to do as well as what YOU can get out of your association. If you have any questions please email any questions to us.

CSGRA Statement of Beliefs: 

  * We believe in supporting the rodeo and country/Western lifestyle. 
  *     It is part of our American heritage 
  * It provides a positive alternate outlet for interests. 
  * It is a lifestyle that has a history of being inclusive of all people.

  * We believe in a solid collaboration between organizations and agencies   with which we share common interest and beliefs. 
  * We believe in supporting agencies and organizations that benefit the gay community. 
  * We believe in the need to promote and acknowledge individual initiative, growth and achievement through education. 
  * We believe in the necessity to provide positive role models, not only within our community, but to a larger society as well. 
  * We believe it is essential to recognize and celebrate the diversity found within a community. 

  • Standing Rules
  • ​Bylaws

In addition to being a charitable organization, we promote the sport of amateur rodeo and encourage the appreciation of country western lifestyles in the gay and lesbian community. Our members enjoy the fellowship provided by numerous social, recreational and educational activities while meeting new people with similar interests.

Executive Board

President: Rick Vaughn
VP of Rodeo Operations: 
VP of Administration: Timothy Grave
Treasurer: G Smith
Trustee: A. Thomas
Secretary: Jason Taylor

Standing Committee Chairs

Rodeo Production: 
Membership: G Smith
Dean Berkan Fund: 
Webmaster: Eventions Unlimited
Branding & Advertising: Timothy Grave
Rules & Bylaws: