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Welcome to the Cotton State Gay Rodeo Association Site.

Greetings Rodeo Fans!

Yes, it is 2016!  and we are less than 2 yrs away from our first ever rodeo and we are excited!

Things have been quiet on the western front in Alabama and Soon to be Mississippi , but all is not as it seems. We are continuing to lay out the framework and things are starting to come together. If you would like to hear more about our rodeo planning, or would like to be more involved, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the person that is handling that specific aspectic of the rodeo.  

We are looking for volunteers, all past and present members and those who are just interested to help produce the Stampede Rodeo. It can be a challenging, but a rewarding endeavor to help our community. We have many aspects to cover including * Host Hotel * Rodeo Officials * Rodeo Grounds * Security * Front Gate * Layout * Beverages * Food Trucks * Tents * Sponsors * Fundraising * Advertising/Outreach * Budget Objectives * Registration / Awards * Dance


Rodeo Director , CSGRA